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This mode is education

This mode is education through the internet. Since we believe in such a methodology, we also believe in making it possible ourselves. That is why E Learning is focusing on providing digital education to the masses to anyone and everyone around the world willing to find it. 

What Do We Do?

To help you understand more about our processes, this is what we give you:

Short courses

We understand that people who are already in the process of getting their formal education might want to get something more.

we provide them short courses

So, we provide them short courses that introduce you to the trending global phenomena or help you learn about software that are essential for your development or professional life.


But we may also provide entire programs for those that may need an entire formal education

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We provide these trainings

We provide these trainings for free given that you are committed to put in the effort and sit through the assessments to get your completion certificate.

Latest Work

First Aid Training Ideas for Kindergarteners 

Children get mildly hurt and injured during school all the time. Getting small injuries is a part of growing up. We need to release our children from our own fears and allow them to “simply be kids”. We cannot prevent them from getting any injuries ever. However, we can teach them what to do in such situations. 

Play Doctor 

Children learn best when they feel loose and fun-loving. You can grab their attention by making them play the “specialist” and claiming to be their nonexistent patient, hence, disclosing to them your manifestations. Put on a big show! Use ketchup for blood, white clothes for gauzes, socks stuffed inside the dress to demonstrate growth. Take as much time as is needed.

Emergency calls

Normally, the most significant thing a youngster can do in an emergency is to call for help. You can’t begin too soon with 911 preparing. Let kids contact the catches on the telephone to rehearse and retain the arrangement. However, sometimes children do take it too far. They start playing pranks and jokes using these emergency numbers. Remember to emphasize how significant it is to never utilize emergency numbers for play or pranks. 

Safety First!

An aspect of our responsibilities as parents is to guarantee them they never should be a saint or exceed their capacities. You as parents need to make sure that kids realize that their first and most significant duty is to remain safe themselves. At our home, we talk the same amount of about what a youngster should never attempt to do, like jump into a pool of water to help somebody in trouble, or run into a dangerous or abandoned building. This kind of conversation may be helpful in terms of making better decisions as kids Point out that “Emergency treatment” doesn’t mean the kid needs to “fix” the issue or injury: it’s basically what the first “aider” on the scene does inside the restrictions of their experience. This first aid treatment is basically attempting to bring grown-up/ professional help as fast as could be expected under the circumstances. 

Make up stories 

When you’re cleaning up your child’s wounds, keep repeating the process to them. Make it an interesting story and narrate the process slowly and thoroughly. You can also give charge to the kid and assist them into doing their own first aid. This shall enable them to do their first aid themselves if a situation occurs when you’re not around.

Safety Drills

Storms, cyclones, earthquakes, seismic tremors, etc. occur everywhere. These are natural calamities that no one has control over. It is better that your kid knows about these disasters and what to do when they occur than acting out in situations like this. Safety Drills should be made compulsory at all levels in schools including kindergarten brisbane as well. These drills will make sure that your kid doesn’t panic in situations like this. 

Your kid is bound to experience a regular crisis emerging from a maturing relative’s intense sickness, a vehicle or bicycle mishap, or even the tripping from stairs or furniture can cause injury. Therefore, it is better to prepare them for such situations from the early stages.

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